pd-LAunch II Patching Circle

The next pd-la patching circle will be on Sunday 13 May 2012 from 12-5 pm, at CRASH Space (10526 Venice Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232). As part of pd-LAunch II, we are planning on having some special guests. Stay tuned for more details. The patching circle is an informl gathering of anyone who is interested […]


After a successful Kickstarter campaign to make it happy, there’s a three-day festival of Monome music starting today in Santa Fe. And they’re live streaming it as well! There’s sure to be some Pd and Max/MSP going on in New Mexico this weekend.

Thank You

Thanks to everyone who made pd-LAunch a great success. Guests of honor – Hans-Christoph Steiner, Chris McCormick, Miller Puckette The first meeting of the pd-la patching circle was on Saturday, 30 April. Miller Puckette joined us and showed us some work he was doing with ceramic tiles and non-linear reverberators. After the patching circle, we […]

Max V. Mathews, The Father Of Computer Music

Max Mathews, computer music pioneer and namesake of the computer performance software Max , died yesterday from complications due to pneumonia at the age of 84. Max pioneered computer music with his programs for the IBM 704 mainframe in the late 1950’s. A famous early piece was “Daisy Bell” (AKA Bicycle Built For Two), which […]

pd-LAunch In San Diego City Beat

Kinsee Morlan wrote an article on Miller, Pure Data, and pd-LAunch titled “The Language Of Invention”┬áin San Diego City Beat. She profiles a couple artists who are using Pd for their work, and talks about the pd-LAunch event in San Diego on Monday: Joseph Deken, president of New Blankets Inc., a nonprofit seeking to expand […]

Sunday Pd Concert

Right on the heels of the pd-LAunch event, 0n Sunday, May 1st, there will be a concert south of downtown that you might want to check out: Miller Puckette, Natacha Diels and Bryan Jacobs will join forces in a presentation of solo, duo, and trio works operating outside their reasonable elements. The group will perform […]