Miller Puckette MUS171 Videos

Videos of Miller Puckette’s UCSD class MUS171, from the Spring of 2011.

If you want these videos on a set of 4 DVD-Rs for a nominal cost (the cost of the media plus first class postage), or on a specially-designed USB stick, e-mail

Please download the video files and play them from your computer. There have been some problems trying to play them off this page.

The patches used in the videos are also available for download.

Transcript (English) of the lectures.

These videos are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 license.

11 Responses to Miller Puckette MUS171 Videos

  1. Thank you!!! There is a transcription of this lectures for download? They are make possible to translate this videos on the other languages. For example, I’m badly speak on english and not fully understand when I hear it, but I understand all that I read on english.

    • You can right-click or control-click (whatever is appropriate for your OS and browser) and select Save As… for any of the links.

      In Chrome, if you just click on the link and it starts playing, you can use the Save As button (lower right corner) to download as well. There might be similar options in Firefox, Safarai, and IE.

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