pd-LAunch I

During the week of April 25-30 in Los Angeles, CA

CRASHspace LA and New Blankets Inc
will be hosting

—   pd_LAunch   —

a gala-grassroots festival of events to celebrate

the launch of a puredata/Max patching circle in LA.

This new LA patching circle will be hosted by CRASHspace LA.


We will be providing regular updates about pd_LAunch on pd list and elsewhere — many arrangements are still in-progress. But please spread the word to those you know who may be interested — whether they live in LA and may become patching-circle “regulars” — or if they live anywhere in the world and just want to be part of the pd_LAunch launch-fest.

The main purpose of this preliminary/early announcement is to help you in making travel plans, etc. if you need to. We especially welcome members of other patching circles (from other cities, other countries) to join us in LA and share your experience and inspiration.

At the moment, we have set up an an e-mail address: launch@pd-la.info where you can express your interest, support, plans-to-attend and other helpful ideas.

Because the physical facilities at CRASHspace are fairly small and other venues are still being negotiated, it’s VERY IMPORTANT that you RSVP “yes” right away if you plan to join us April 25 – 30 in LA. (Kindly make your RSVP via the email address: launch@pd-la.info. We request that you also use the “launch” e-mail address especially to express interest in topics for workshops and/or demonstrations that you would be interested in attending. (See suggestions below.) Or you can use the e-mail to ask particular questions, to request travel and lodging advice and assistance etc.)

All pd_LAunch events will be “free and open” to everyone, as much as space and facilities permit. For some events that will be limited by space, we will be providing some signup lists — details forthcoming.

We would also request that when you RSVP “yes” you would consider making a contribution to secure some of the spaces and amenities we will need. A suggested contribution is $50 USD. We welcome your contribution to this effort, with money or ideas or other help, even if you cannot get to LA in person. We can all support the new patching-circle there. (Money contributions, of whatever amount, should be made to New Blankets Inc. which is a U.S. 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization; so your contributions are tax deductible if/as those U.S. laws apply to you.)

Some events and highlights already planned for pd_LAunch:

  • VIP guests: Miller Puckette, Hans-Christoph Steiner, Chris McCormick, Natacha Diehls … more invitations are “in the hopper” as well.
  • Opening reception/build/video-slam at UCSD with Miller Puckette Monday April 25 (San Diego)
  • “puredata gym-full” Family Night at the Long Beach Boys and Girls Club Wednesday Apr 27
  • panel discussion with Miller Puckette and puredata developers Saturday afternoon Apr 30
  • concert/party/reception “Music with Miller Puckette and Friends” Saturday evening Apr 30 (Miller Puckette, Natacha Diehls, Chris McCormick and more …)
  • workshops and demonstrations by Hans Steiner, Chris McCormick, Miller Puckette and others are being arranged … These will be based on what the interest/registrations indicate and depending on what spaces/venues in LA can be arranged. (Some spaces larger than the CRASHspace location may be required.)
  • A “goody bag” and other items available for pd_LAunch sponsors/RSVP‘rs/contributors to include a 20-lecture puredata video course by Miller Puckette, pd_LAunch souvenirs made on the CRASHspace Makerbots, live-USB sticks ready to boot-up and run Linux/pd on any computer etc etc.
  • “Store-front music” a transformation of the street-front of CRASHspace into an
    interactive puredata experience, following up on the CRASHspace smash-hit effort for VIMBY. (Get your patch out on the street …)

Mark your calendars. Plan to join us at pd_LAunch! All your efforts to help start a successful patching circle in LA are welcome. Let us know if we can help with travel, lodging or other arrangements if you are coming to LA from afar.

Workshops/demos being planned: (Please suggest others if you like; all involve pd/Max patching):

  • pd for beginners tutorials
  • homemade-computer instruments “petting zoo” at the Boys and Girls Club
  • GEM and interactive graphics
  • WebPd — pd with your web browser
  • android — pd on your phone/handheld
  • motion-interfacing with the Kinect 3D camera
  • arduino/pduino for real-world interaction and robotics


Monday April 25

Where: Calit2 (UCSD Campus) Third Floor
When: 4:00PM – 8:30PM (approx, allowing time for carpools back to LA etc.)
What: Puredata Reception with Miller Puckette, UCSD colleagues and students

  • Welcome by Miller to VIP guests
  • Around-the-table introductions/thumbnails by UCSD colleagues and puredata activists from LA and UCSD
  • Brief remarks/presentation/discussion by Miller and guests of their current activities
  • Short performances, especially opportunities for students to “perform puredata” and briefly discuss their works
  • Book-sprint style “video sprint” to unveil/peruse the MUS171: Intro to Computer Music videos and learning materials
  • Ad lib socializing and refreshments
  • Logistical things, description of the upcoming pd_LAunch week, arranging SAN->LA signups for carpools etc.

Wednesday April 27 (A)

Where: Long Beach Boys and Girls Club, Eastman/Fairfield (700 East Del Amo Blvd., Long Beach, CA, 90807)
When:  A) 6:00PM – 7:30PM “Family Night” Pizza+puredata events
What:  A) Family night: Dining-room demos, followed by puredata interactive-exhibits in gym, kids’ puredata giveaways/awards

Wednesday April 27 (B)

Where: Long Beach Boys and Girls Club, Eastman/Fairfield (700 East Del Amo Blvd., Long Beach, CA, 90807)
When:  7:45PM – 9:15PM Small group classes and workshops for BGC Staff, parents and other community members
What:  Small group (6-20 participants?) classes and workshops (1.5 hour),  based on advanced signups
— for whatever classes/workshops that our expert visitors/participants want to offer and get a quorum

Thursday April 28

Where: CRASHspace (10526 Venice Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232)
When: 7:30 PM – 10:30 PM
What: Workshop with Hans-Christoph Steiner – Starting with Realtime Audio/Video Interaction

See blog for more information.

Sign up at the CRASHspace store.

Friday April 29

Where: CRASHspace (10526 Venice Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232)
When: 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM
What: Workshop with Chris McCormick – Pd as your embedded audio engine

See blog for more information.

Sign up at the CRASHspace store.

Saturday April 30

Where: CRASHspace
When: noon until late
What: pd-LAunch festivities, meeting of pd-la patching circle

Noon – 2:00 PM: pd-la Patching Circle

Informal gathering of patching and patchers (Pd, Max/MSP/Jitter, and even vvvv, Eyesweb, Labview, etc.). Beginners and experienced patchers welcome. Open to everyone – work on personal or professional projects, school work, or just patch quietly to yourself, in a room full of other people patching patches and helping other people patch.

2:00 PM – 4:00 PM: Pd Workshop

Subject TBD

5:00 PM – late: pd-LAunch Party

Come for a evening of Pure Data discussions, demos, and performances.

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