pd-LAunch In San Diego City Beat

Kinsee Morlan wrote an article on Miller, Pure Data, and pd-LAunch titled “The Language Of Invention” in San Diego City Beat.

She profiles a couple artists who are using Pd for their work, and talks about the pd-LAunch event in San Diego on Monday:

Joseph Deken, president of New Blankets Inc., a nonprofit seeking to expand access to new technologies, and director of research program development at UCSD’s Calit2, says he sees Pure Data going even further. He’s helping organize a new, Los Angeles-based Pure Data meetup group (users call them “Patching Circles”) and has plans for getting the programming language in front of even more people, especially kids.
“Pure Data, for me—which I’m just beginning to teach and learn—it represents a certain style of using computers that’s very, very powerful and it’s different than what people are used to,” Deken says. “It’s very visual…. And it’s free and can be taught pretty easily.”
The Pd-LAunch is from 4 to 8 p.m. Monday, April 25, at Calit2 at UCSD. For details or to RSVP, email launch@pd-la.info or visit pd-la.info.com.


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