pd-la USB Stick

Now available – pd-la USB sticks.

These are 16 GB USB flash drives in custom-built wood enclosures made on the CRASHspace laser cutter. They are in the shape of a Pd message box, and say “bang” on one side and “pd-la” on the other.


The sticks contain videos of all 20 lectures from Miller Puckette’s MUS171 computer music class at UCSD. These videos are a little rough, but they are an excellent course in Pure Data and computer music design.

They are $40 in the CRASHspace store. Note that CRASHspace does not ship purchases – you have to pick up the stick in person. Please contact me at theron.trowbridge@gmail.com to make arrangements after pd-LAunch week.

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  1. Are these lectures available for download free of charge? Or is that (along with USB stick construction) what the $$ is for?


    • The money is mostly to cover costs – it’s a 16 GB stick (they’re not cheap yet), with some plywood, glue, and laser time – plus a little to raise money to support the patching circle and pd-LAunch.

      The videos will all be available free for download from UCSD. It may take a little bit to get them up there, but we will announce it here when they are ready.

    • E-mail me at theron.trowbridge@gmail.com and we’ll discuss options and figure out shipping costs. I can send out DVDs pretty inexpensively. Shipping internationally on the sticks gets expensive because it won’t fit in a letter envelope and I have to ship out air mail or Priority.

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