Friday Workshop Reminder

Last night’s workshop went great. Tonight’s is going to be fantastic. Come join us at 7 PM to learn about embedded Pd.

As part of the pd-LAunch week, Chris McCormick will be teaching a workshop on using pdlib as a sound engine for other applications on April 29th at CRASHspace.

Pd As Your Embedded Audio Engine

“Pd as your embedded audio engine” will teach all about embedding libpd as the sound engine for your app, whether its iPhone, Android, Java, OpenFrameworks, Processing, etc. This workshop provides a broad spectrum of different ways of connecting Pd to other things. Having hardware isn’t a requirement either. The workshop will cover ways of interfacing with Pd from computer to computer. Bring your laptop and devices that you want to install libpd on (Android, iPhone, etc.)

HTML and/or programming knowledge will certainly help. The aim of this workshop is to give a broad spectrum of different ways to interface to Pd. So it will be dipping very slightly into Python, C, Java, Javascript, but this is usually “glue code” and all of the code will be fully provided. You do not need to be proficient in these languages at all, the workshop will also cover methods that also just use Pd with no code at all.
Here is an outline of topics:

  • Introduction
  • History of Pd as an engine
  • Ways to interface with a Pd process:
    • Midi & OSC
    • FUDI
    • stdout
    • Python + sockets
    • pdsend/pdreceive
  • Parsing patches in three languages
  • libpd on Android and iOS
  • PdWebKitDroid
  • RjDj and ScenePlayer
  • WebPd

Students will need a laptop and should have Pd-extended installed and working (download for free from – it is available for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

Space is limited.  Cost is $100.  Sign up at the CRASHspace store.

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